When Will This Rain End? (Hint: Weather Forecast Says No Time Soon)

There's a bright side to all this gloom: It's not snowing.

One ugly map shows rain continuing over Virginia and DC.
One ugly map shows rain continuing over Virginia and DC.
Hang in there, Virginia and DC. Things will dry up — eventually.

The rain and heavy winds that have made for a soggy weekend are forecast to be with us clear until 4 a.m. Monday, but then look forward to a turnaround.

After that, no rain is in the forecast until Friday, and temperatures until then are expected to push into the 60s, and well into the 70s in Fredericksburg. 

So, it's ugly out there, to be sure.

But here's some optimism for you: You don't have to shovel rain.
Robert Ponce March 31, 2014 at 08:31 AM
Can't win for losing. Some States are in drought mode. What to do??!!


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