PHOTOS: Reptile Wonders

Turtles, lizards and snakes. Oh my!

More than 100 children were on hand for the program at the .  Each child was invited to sit on either side of two green carpets taped along the floor so they could have the best views of the animals. 

Mr. Kristal talked about each of the animals as he took them out of their containers.  Then, he walked through the crowds allowing the students to touch each animal.  For many, the turtles and lizards were the easiest to touch, but once the snakes started making their rounds, a few decided not to touch.

The interactive program was one of several summer programs going on at this branch of the library. Check out the library’s calendar of events to see what is coming up next!  If you missed Reptile Wonders, it will be at several other libraries in the area this summer, including the Centreville Library on July 19.


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