The Lorton Perspective: How Are You Celebrating Earth Day?

Getting green, but not with envy.

On Sunday, April 22, more than a billion people across the globe will recognize Earth Day with cleanups, walks, flower-sniffing and a general appreciation of living in harmony with nature. 

Patch was at today and asked visitors how they were celebrating Earth Day. Here's what they said: 

Mason Neck State Park Manager J.J. Lowry was prepping tents for the 15th annual Eagle Festival. The event can accommodate up to 4,000 people—that is, if it isn't rained out for the second year in a row. 

"There are five nests and about 60-70 bald eagles on Mason Neck since the refuge was established in the 1960s," he said. "Visitors are taken to parts of the refuge that are usually restricted, which is exciting." 

The Eagle Festival will start at 10 a.m. and will feature pony and hay rides, live reptiles, canoe trips, music, food and exhibits.   

Paul and Jean Berens walk the trails of Lake Accotink Park daily. It was their first time to Mason Neck. 

"I'm going on a wildflower walking tour at Lake Accotink," Jean said. "We always walk with those plastic Giant shopping bags and in the last year we've probably filled 50 of them [with litter]. People see us with the bags and I hope it will make them do the same thing. I think you should celebrate Earth Day every day." 

Paul had an ambitious solution: "If everyone picked up one thing on the ground every day there wouldn't be anything left to pick up," he said. 

Teachers Lourdes Sims and Felicia Hatziyannis brought 10 students from the Evergreen Montessori School in Silver Spring, Md., to Mason Neck for a field trip. The students found crayfish, newts, spiders and tadpoles.

"We were going to see the Jane Goodall movie 'Chimps,' but we thought, why be inside?" said Sims. "We're here because all life is interconnected. Today we talked how everything in an ecosystem needs everything in it to survive. If there are lots of insects at a pond, then you know it's healthy." 

By The Way

If it doesn't get rained out, there's an Earth Day run at Giles Run Meadow at Laurel Hill Park on Sunday, from 8-10 a.m. around the 1.25 mile loop of one of the old Lorton prison buildings. The fee is $12.50 Adult / $5 ages second-grade and younger.

How are you celebrating Earth Day? Tell us in the comments!

Sally Spangler April 21, 2012 at 02:32 PM
I am celebrating earth weekend. The only time I have, is when my son is not celebrating that all of us through out our lives must work if we are to live and prosper. In my case, I am the straw boss on the usual Springtime "thing" - cleaning up the garden area and planting what has been sitting on the edge of my porch for the past three days. Did you know - there are supposed to be thunderstorms today and maybe tomorrow? The Boss Man upstairs tells us what He is going to do and if we want His assistance we listen and obey. The water, supplied at no cost to us, is much better than anything we can get from a hose tap.


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