Weird Virginia/DC: 'Butt Slasher' Gets It In the End, Exploding Mailboxes + Caped Crusaders

Plus an argument turns ugly when the machete comes out, bandit robs same bank five times and someone makes off with a 31-foot steel beam.

Ask Gina's team from 2012. Credit: Ask Gina & Company
Ask Gina's team from 2012. Credit: Ask Gina & Company

Editor's Note: Patch has 31 sites in Virginia and D.C., and not a day goes by that something weird isn't happening somewhere in the area. Here's a look back at some weird goings on over the past week.

Ah, fall is in the air (yeah we know, we know, it's not officially fall yet), the kids are back at school, the Redskins are doing the best they can and weird news...has suited up too. Let's tackle some of our more recent odd happenings around the region, shall we?

  • Butt Slasher Gets It In the End
Remember the notorious man the media dubbed the "butt slasher"? He was the guy who visited local clothing stores, distracted his victims by dropping clothing on the floor and then next thing you know he'd slashed someone across their backside. He tried to hide out in Peru. Justice caught up with him Friday in a Fairfax County courtroom.

Fairfax 'Butt Slasher' Receives Prison Sentence

Johnny D. Guillen Pimentel, who pleaded guilty earlier this year to a series of slashing attacks on young women at area shopping centers in 2011, was sentenced to seven years by a Fairfax County judge on Friday.

Guillen Pimental, 42, a Peruvian native, reached a deal with prosecutors in June to plead guilty in connection with four attacks, although he was originally suspected of carrying out nine slashings. The attacks, on women in their teens and 20s, took place at at Tysons Corner Center, Greenbriar Shopping Center and Fair Oaks Mall.

  • Really? Five Times?

We've heard of customer loyalty, but a guy has taken it to the extreme by robbing the same bank five times in Fairfax County's Richmond Highway area. And we ask you: Doesn't anyone recognize this guy from the photos? There's a $5,000 reward people! Here's the scoop:

Police: Same Man Robs Same Bank Five Times

Fairfax County police are currently investigating yet another robbery at TD Bank located at 6615 Richmond Hwy, according to a recent news release.

Around 11 a.m. Monday, a man entered the bank and demanded money. The bank teller complied and the suspect took an undisclosed amount of money and fled. There were no injuries reported, the release stated.

According to a news release from the FBI's Washington Field Office, the suspect in the TD Bank robbery Monday morning is believed to be the "Beacon Hill Bandit" who is suspected of robbing the bank four times between March 2010 and July 2013.

(For more on recent notorious bandits see our story on the blonde-wigged, Coach-toting bandit.)

  • Exploding Mailboxes in Herndon
Over in Herndon, police also have their hands full, and they say this isn't the first such incident (what ever happened to cards and letters??):

Crime Report: Resident Finds Exploded Plastic Bottle in Mailbox

A Herndon resident got a rather nasty surprise recently when he went to check the mail. According to police, the man found what appeared to be the remnants of an exploded plastic bottle - and, police added, it’s not the first time they’ve seen this.

  • What's Black and White and...
We think there's a joke in there somewhere. Over in Vienna, they're selling their black and whites:

Need a Cop Car? Town of Vienna Auctions Off Vehicles and Parts

The Town of Vienna auctioned off multiple items this week through an online auction. Items included Ford Crown Victoria parts, police cruisers, and prisoner cages and seats to be installed in the backseat of a vehicle.

  • Talk About Strong Arm
Someone who made off with some building supplies really had some muscle. Police say that a 31-foot-long steel beam went missing in Manassas.

Long Steel Beam, Two Columns Stolen—Not Fitting in the Trunk

Manassas Police are trying to determine who made off with several large items from a construction site behind Hastings Market Place. Police said someone took two columns that were 7 feet tall and a steel beam that was 31 feet tall from the intersection of Lake Jackson and Libeau Drive, where several new homes are under construction, Manassas Police reports show.

The victim told police the items disappeared sometime during the first week in September.

  • Unfriendly Neighbors?

You know an argument isn't going well when someone pulls out a machete. It happened in the Manassas area.

Machete-Wielding Suspect South by Prince William County Police

A man took a verbal dispute to the next level when he introduced a machete into the conflict and began chasing someone with it.

It happened Wednesday evening just after 7:31 p.m. at a home on the 7500 block of Bosbury Court in the Manassas area of Prince William County.

The 29-year-old victim said the argument between he and the suspect escalated to the point that the suspect pulled out a weapon—the machete—and began chasing him, police reports show.

The victim was able to outrun the suspect, who eventually fled the scene.

  • Up, Up and Away!

That could pertain to both super heroes and planes and this next story, oddly enough, has 'em both:

Local Caped Crusaders to Participate in Dulles Plane Pull

The annual Dulles Day Plane Pull always proves entertaining for the whole family, but one local business is trying to take the fun up a notch.

Ask Gina & Company, part of the Keller Williams Realty, for a second year will suit up in superhero costumes. This year, they’ll add a touch of style.

“We’re out of control,” Gina Tufano said, with a touch of sarcasm. “We like to give back where we live. And we like to have a lot of fun. They have a category called Most Enthusiastic and we thought we could do that.”


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