The Harlem Shake — Chantilly Edition

Video filmed in Chantilly has seen more than 9,500 views in one week on YouTube.

Heard of the Harlem shake? Then you'll want to watch this video (and if you haven't heard of it, it's the latest thing).

Videos of people doing the shake are the latest craze to hit the Internet, and a "Harlem Shake (Chantilly Edition)" has seen more than 9,500 views on YouTube in one week.

The Daily Beast explains what this is all about:

"The videos begin with the song’s sample of a man giving a shrieking siren call of 'Con los terroristas!'—Colombian Spanish for 'With the terrorists'—followed by one person, usually in a ridiculous mask or helmet, dancing to the song alone as the beat builds. He or she is surrounded by others who are stationary, blissfully unaware of the dancer. When the directive, "Then do the Harlem shake" is uttered about 15 seconds in, the bass drops and the video metastasizes into pure chaos—the entire coterie engaging in paroxysms of dance for the next 15 seconds in outrageous outfits, and wielding bizarre props."

No, it doesn't make any sense—but it's fun! 

What do you think about the Harlem Shake trend? Like? Dislike? 


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