How to Care for Your Poinsettia Plant Beyond the Holidays

Tips from Alexandria-based Society of American Florists.

Christmas is officially over, but that doesn't mean you can't continue to enjoy your Poinsettia plant.

We've gathered some tips from the Alexandria-based Society of American Florists:

  • When surface soil is dry to the touch, water thoroughly. Discard excess water in the saucer.
  • To prolong color, keep a temperature range of 60 degrees for night and 72 degrees for day. High humidity is preferable.
  • Place plant away from hot or cold drafts, and protect from cold winds.

Fun facts about the Poinsettia plant:

The plant is named after amateur botanist Joel Robert Poinsett. As an ambassador to Mexico, he introduced the plant to the United States in 1825, when he brought them to his plantation in South Carolina.

The plant is not deadly to children or pets if accidentally eaten. The American Veterinary Medicine Association of America (AVMA) states: "While poinsettia is not deadly as popular legend would have it, it could still cause an upset stomach if consumed."

Scientific research from The Ohio State University has proved the poinsettia to be non-toxic. All parts of the plant were tested, including the leaves and sap.


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