Elderly Residents Hope for Support In Outage

With power out at Lake Anne Fellowship House, aging and disabled are hungry, hot and angry.

Residents at Reston's have been in the dark since Friday night.

While that puts them in the same situation as hundreds of thousands of the lack of power in the building for low-income and disabled seniors could have dire consequences.

"It's 90 degrees on the seventh floor!" said 87-year-old resident Henrietta Witt. "I am afraid someone will die here."

Sunday afternoon, a group of residents sat in the sweltering lobby, fanning themselves in the heat and drinking from the dwindling supply of bottled water that volunteers delivered.

Several residents complained that Fellowship Square, which manages the building, has been little help during the power outage. 

Fellowship House stopped serving group meals several years ago. With no power, residents have had food spoil and cannot cook. Most do not drive and have trouble getting to a store for supplies without assistance, which was not available this weekend.

One elevator in the building is working and the residents said there is no hot water.

"We have new floors, but no electrical backup," said one resident.

Said another: "I have had one cheeseburger and a few grapes since Friday. This neighbor of mine is blind. I had to guide her to a chair. No one from management has been here."

Representatives from Fellowship Square could not be reached.

managed by the same organization, did not lose power. Security guards there said Lake Anne residents were welcome to come to Hunters Woods and use their public rooms as a cooling center. Guards said one Lake Anne resident took a cab over, but as far as they knew shuttle service was not being provided.

The Lake Anne residents say they would welcome donations of water, cooked food, juice, coffee, ice and Diet Coke. Lake Anne Fellowship House is located at 11450 North Shore Dr.

Nisa July 04, 2012 at 10:28 PM
Lake Anne Fellowship House's power is completely out again (which includes ALL elevators). ***Please tweet/email/call Dominion and tell them this is a safety hazard for the elderly and disabled, especially the ones who cannot walk up and down the stairs, and it needs to be taken care of NOW.
BBurns July 05, 2012 at 12:15 AM
Nisa - and anyone - my understanding is that Dominion has been working on the outage since this morning. They'd been on Baron Cameron moving toward Fellowship House and behind Fellowship House so may not have not been visible to the residents. They left to grab some food but will be back. They are replacing line rather than doing another temporary fix that could go out again. Jana returned this morning when she heard about the outage, was there all day, and left a little while ago - she will return when the social worker's shift is over if power isn't back. Two other staff members are currently on site. Mae, the social worker, is there checking everyone in their units, handing out popsicles and reassuring people. There has been AC downstairs and in 50-65% of the units today, and many or most lights are on, some refrigerators, some stoves, all (?) tvs. The issue is the elevators. The county and fire department knows about the elevators and can get someone down if needed. David (husband) went there to check on the status, called me, and I talked to Jana twice as well.
BBurns July 05, 2012 at 12:22 AM
Update: David reports 4 Dominion trucks just returned - pulled up with a backhoe. All electricity was not out today. You could see many lights from the parking lot. See earlier post.
Bert Katz July 05, 2012 at 12:28 AM
My wife Gina also spoke with one of the Dominion supervisors, and they said they will stay with the job for as long as it takes.
jana broughton July 05, 2012 at 01:22 PM
Power is back on, everything is functional at lake anne fellowship house. A sincere and heartfelt thank you to Dominion and the crew who worked all day yesterday to get the building operational. Also thank you to the community who has been so supportive of the residents in this emergency. Fellowship Square, will be working with residents next week on emergency preparedness plans for future awareness. We all hope that our neighbors and staff around the area get their power back soon. This storm was a very large magnitude event and the damage incredibly wide spread. We will continue to pray for their comfort and safety, and for the good people of Reston who answered a call of need.


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