A Vote for Joe May is a Vote for Honest Politics

We saw in the January 9 Washington Post article “Va. GOP takes offense at Wexton’s state Senate campaign ad" that Jennifer Wexton is not committed to honest politics. Maybe it’s time that we as a nation stop tolerating self-interest and antagonization.


After years of watching Washington balk, and in some cases, self-destruct, Americans have supposedly realized that we need politicians elected officials that can put past their own and their party’s self-interest, and compromise to get things done. The ability of Americans to learn from such a humiliating deadlock is being tested in the upcoming 33rd Senate District election, where Joe May is running against the ultra-conservative, GOP endorsed John Whitbeck, and his Democrat rival, Jennifer Wexton.


May, who served as the House’s 33rd District Delegate as a Republican for 20 years, has severed ties with his former party, standing against the Tea Party’s takeover. During his political career, he has put the people’s interests ahead of personal and political interests, helping to shape and pass the controversial transportation funding bill HB 2313.


The problem is that while party politics may seem like party versus party, it’s really just politics versus people. We need a politician bigger than politics - like Joe May.

Russell Pekala


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