Boysko Wins Sierra Club Endorsement

Below is the text from the endorsement letter Jennifer Boysko received from the Sierra Club:


August 7, 2013


 Dear Jennifer Boysko,


         We are delighted to announce the Sierra Club's endorsement of your candidacy for the Virginia House of Delegates, District 86.

         Our endorsement decision includes a review of your environmental

platform, your responses to our Sierra Club 2013 House of Delegates

Candidate Questionnaire, and a recent interview with you.

         We highly value your dedication to the protection of the natural resources of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  We are confident that you will safeguard the quality of our air and water, our lands and our climate.  We will contact our Sierra Club members, urging their support of your election.

         You are welcome to announce our endorsement with a press release, post our endorsement on your website, and use the Sierra Club name on your campaign materials.


Yours very truly, 

                            Tyla Matteson,

                            Virginia Chapter Political Chair

                            Sierra Club





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