CrossFit: Get on the Crazy Train

It's only going at breakneck speed.

You can't stop me. I feel like I'm an out-of-control train that has more than enough juice to run at full speed until doomsday.

CrossFit Week 11: 

There's two weeks left in our CrossFit Liberation experience, and it will seem a little strange to not write about being tortured voluntarily, and be surrounded by like minds.

For the last 11 weeks, the most interesting thing for me has been this: These workouts will crush you even if you're in great shape.

On top of that, I'm now in the third week of the five-week , and, at the moment, the sweetest sound to my ears is the crunching of my teeth into a Granny Smith apple. Quick - someone find me a wall to scale or a damsel in distress to save!  

Before joining the Box, it was my impression that I'd eventually become superhuman - able to do a hundred inverted push-ups with the ease of turning the page of a good book. But the truth is this - even though the workouts become manageable, they are so varied that, sure, even though you have pretty strong shoulders, today, for instance, you're going to run your ass off. Forget the shoulders. You better hope the legs and lungs will survive!

This was the workout on Thursday, and the easiest part was the Wallballs and two 236 meter rows. 

Started With: 236 Meter Row For Time

Followed By: Three Rounds For Time

  • 19 Wallballs
  • 19 Power Cleans
  • 19 Double Unders

Concluded With: 236 Meter Row For Time

Before Thursday's WOD, CrossFit Liberation member Brian Evavold was pinned with his new rank in the U.S. Navy (see photo in gallery). Lieutenant Evavold's 19 years in the service of his country were commemorated by his CrossFit comrades with 19 reps for the workout. Congrats, Brian!

CrossFit Apparel 

When I started at CrossFit, I wore clunky tennis shoes, long basketball shorts and a cotton T-shirt. Now I wear $100 minimalist New Balance shoes, shorts that go above my knees and a moisture-wicking T-shirt.

The Box is full of folks wearing flashy shoes, compression socks, "Burpees Suck" T-shirts and the latest in CrossFit fashion. 

"CrossFitters are usually bold, outspoken people, so their clothing reflects their personality," said CrossFit Liberation trainer Mike "Tat" Newsome. "Some styles and color coordination are cool. I bought this one pair of purple, blue and black inov-8's and I ordered them and was wait-listed for six months. When I got them I had totally forgotten I ordered them." 

The Most Popular CrossFit Threads: 

  • Shoes: inov-8's, lightweight outdoor running shoes from Britain. The low heel helps with Olympic lifting and minimizes dramatic heel strikes during running. A pair of inov-8's will run you between $100-$120.  
  • Shorts: Above the knee and light. "I usually try to get something a little bit above the knee," said Liberation member Capt. Sammie Burkes, who shops at the Nike outlet at Potomac Mills. "It helps my comfort level - when you do squats, larger shorts keep you from opening up your knees."  
  • Compression Socks: These cost $35 per pair, so don't lose one or both! 
  • Body Tape: Helps for athletes with limited mobility issues, slight irritation to a tendon or muscle. A popular brand is Rock Tape. 

Best Shopping Websites:

Next Week: Competition and CrossFit

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