Getting Out, Getting Away: Get a Break With Bowling

Kids bowl free? I'm there.

I've never really been a fan of bowling alleys, probably because you have to wear borrowed shoes.  I am, however, a fan of free stuff.

Summer is now here and many stay-at-home parents or people who work irregular hours, like me, know the horror of suddenly-home-all-the-time kids.  You love your kids, sure, but you desperately want to find something for them to do for a little while every day.  There are pools and there are parks, but really in the end is there that much to do in Northern Virginia on an average Tuesday afternoon?

, fortunately, are offering free bowling for kids all summer long.  If you register online, you'll receive a coupon each week good for two free games for kids any day you decide to stop in.  You may have to pay for shoe rental, sure, and lord knows those kids will hound you for video game money and french fries from the snack bar, but the bowling itself is free.  Which means for a couple of hours every day, they'll take their aggression out on the pins; not each other.

I can't tell you how happy that makes me.

In addition to the free bowling for kids, adults can also purchase a summer pass for $27.95, which will allow them to bowl right alongside the kids all summer long.  You still, however, might have to rent shoes and, as I said before, pay for video games.  But still.

To learn more, go to freebowling.amf.com.

Nannette Henderson July 02, 2011 at 04:30 AM
Bowl America also has a free bowling program called Rolling Rewards. By presenting their year end report cards at the alley, kids get a card that allows them to bowl free for this summer and through next April. The more As and Bs they have on their report cards, the more free games they get for the summer. And new this year, parents can also bowl one free game per visit for each time they come with a student redeeming their free games. I took my kids to the Bowl America in Woodbridge yesterday, and the staff there was fabulous with the kids when they came in. The link to the Rolling Rewards program is http://www.bowl-america.com/rollingrewards/rrewardsmain.asp


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