The Lorton Perspective: Will Obama's Support of Gay Marriage Affect His Re-Election?

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Last week, President Barack Obama announced in a news interview that he supported gay marriage. The announcement comes about six months before the general election. Will the issue have an impact on the outcome of the presidential race? Patch spoke to Lorton residents about it Sunday at the Lorton farmers market:  

Susan Jones believes the country wants gay marriage:

"I think Obama is appealing to a mass crowd, especially the whole gay population. I think the country wants it, on the whole."

Lynn Metts questioned the timing of Obama's move:

"It'll help him amongst liberals and hurt him with conservatives, but I think everyone knew what he thought in the first place. I think his timing will hurt him with independents as well as some liberals. I think some will feel insulted and see this as only an opportunity to make a political move. If he had supported this in his heart in the past, then he should have always supported it. I think if you believe in something you do it off the bat."

Michael Gilliam was ambivalent about the President's opinion on the matter:

"To be honest, I don't care. I'm not for homosexuality, but if that's how the president feels, then that's how he feels. It doesn't make any difference, doesn't change anything for me. I still support him." 

Lorton's Tracy Bank believes the opposite:

"I think it will only help. It's one of the hot-button topics right now. I think that coming out and saying he supports gay marriage versus just supporting legal partnershiops seems to be what a lot of the public wants to hear right now, mostly because the media has been pushing it, quite frankly. 

"I think it matters to this generation of decision-makers in this country, but ultimately I think the issue is a distraction from the questions that people have on the economy, homeland security, foreign wars. It makes people feel better about themselves."

Sally Spangler May 15, 2012 at 02:26 PM
There have always been throughout history "gay" people. Whatever makes some men and women "different" is a fact. It is like being fat or thin, or too tall or too short. They are different. If wanting to be closely associated with another person of like situation if what is wanted - why not? What does it have to do with other people? There are people who live in common law. They have children and live their own lives their own way. There are men and women who never marry and may have a friend or unmarried family member living with them and sharing expenses. So - who is to judge these people? You or I? Their lives are their own. Let them live in peace. They are not judging you!
Elayne June 30, 2012 at 10:55 PM
They don't judge me ? Oh yea, who termed the word and use of Homophobe? I personally don"t care about a person living that lifestyle, but because I believe it to be abborant behavior I would be labeled a homophobe.
Sally Spangler July 01, 2012 at 10:43 AM
So be it. We should be allowed our own thoughts and feelings.


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