Support for Joe May in special Senate election on January 21

Joe May is a very experienced leader and proven problem
solver, whose campaign has focused on his strong
qualifications, including 20 years as a Virginia Delegate.
In contrast, his two opponents are both lawyers, who are
running Washington-style negative campaigns, and have no
legislative experience.

May has demonstrated he is a bipartisan leader who works
well across party lines to obtain significant results for
our district and Commonwealth. He is the only candidate
endorsed by major business organizations, including National
Federation of Independent Businesses, and Northern Virginia
Technology Council’s TechPAC, highlighting his legislative
work to help create jobs, and make Virginia the number one
state for businesses in 2013.

He recently received the AAA Lifetime Achievement Award in
Transportation Safety, in part for his instrumental role, as
Transportation committee chair, in passing bipartisan
legislation to obtain additional transportation funding for
Northern Virginia – the first in over 20 years.

Joe is the only candidate already very familiar with the
people and policies in Richmond. He will start his
legislative accomplishments on day one – especially
important since the Senate session is only eight weeks long.

Numerous recent state elections have been extremely close,
involving recounts – every single vote has an impact. On
January 21, vote for Joe May, the accomplished leader, who
will cut through the gridlock of bipartisan politics to
achieve what is best for our district and state - instead of
taking our tax dollars to the bank, and leaving nothing to
show for it.

Pat Klein, Leesburg


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