Vote Wexton, An Important Election This Tuesday

A very important special election will take place this Tuesday, January 21st, an election that will determine the balance of power in the Virginia General Assembly.

When our former state Senator, Mark Herring, was recently elected to the office of Virginia Attorney General, his senate seat was vacated in the 33rd district. The 33rd district covers the Herndon, Sterling, Potomac Falls, Dulles, Southbridge, Chantilly areas.

A significant reason why this election is so important is because the Republican Party has an overwhelming majority in the Virginia House of Delegates and the Senate is split 50-50 between the Democrats and the Republicans. The outcome of this election for the 33rd district Senate seat will determine which party will have the majority in the Senate.

It is important to me to maintain a balance of power in the Virginia General Assembly. We have already experienced what can happen when all three branches of government are ruled by one party. In the last few years our General Assembly has been too focused on regressive and divisive topics such as transvaginal ultrasounds, restrictive voter I.D. laws, attacks on climate scientists and push-back on Medicaid expansion and the Affordable Care act.

I support Jennifer Wexton for state Senate. I support her not only because her election will help maintain a balance of power, but also because she is a highly qualified candidate. Ms. Wexton is an attorney who has served as a prosecutor for Loudoun County and has served as a District Court substitute judge. She was a former candidate for the Commonwealth’s Attorney and she has significant experience and interest in mental health issues. She earned her law degree from the College of William and Mary and she has taught at the George Mason School of Law. She has won awards for her prosecutorial work as well as for her pro bono legal work.

In addition to her experience, she has shown herself to have the right temperament for the position and has dedicated herself to working in concert with others to break through legislative gridlock.

Recent elections in Virginia have been extremely close, with the last special election being decided by as little nine votes. This special election on January 21st will be held at voters’ normal polling locations.   Please vote in this important special election this Tuesday!

Barbara Glakas



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