Why I am voting for Jennifer Boysko

Readers have likely gathered by now that I am voting for Jennifer Boysko and this is why:

I have known her for many years and I know what her values are. I know her to be a very honest person of high integrity. People who know her know she will work hard for our district.  

I have never attacked her opponent, Mr. Rust, personally. I used to vote for him. But as the years have gone by I have grown increasingly disappointed in his votes. And as our House of Delegates has gotten more and more extreme, the more beholden Mr. Rust has become to those extremists. He is having a hard time being a true moderate, but rather he either votes with the southern extremists, or votes both ways on issues every other year. That’s not leadership. I wish Mr. Rust the best, but I will not be voting for him.

Although Jennifer Boysko might have a slight physical stature, I know she has a backbone that is a strong as a steel rod. She is not afraid to stand up for her values. She is pro-public education, pro-choice, pro-business, pro-environment, has experience in transportation issues, believes in reasonable gun control, and believes in equal rights for all.

I don’t like the direction the House of Delegates has been taking Virginia, and the majority there is now veto-proof, which makes it impossible for our Senate and Governor to move Virginia forward. The only way to change the House of Delegates is to change the people we send there.  And I think we are very lucky to have a candidate like Jennifer Boysko to vote for to send to Richmond. 


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