Allen, Kaine Discuss Silver Line, Social Security, Political Idols and More

U.S. Senate candidates answer questions posed by our Northern Virginia readers.

Last month, Patch asked our readers in Northern Virginia for a favor.

We wanted to submit questionnaires to both U.S. Senate candidates in Virginia and we wanted our readers to come up with the questions.

You all delivered. Patch posed a list of 10 questions to former governors and U.S. Senate candidates Tim Kaine (D) and George Allen (R), ranging in topics from Social Security to drug abuse in high schools.

The candidates responded and we've published their answers online.

  • Read George Allen's responses here.
  • Read Tim Kaine's responses here. 
Sally Spangler October 11, 2012 at 08:49 PM
Hello oldtowner - I'm one also. Yes - their pockets first. Tell the constituents that having a big money maker - Defense Department is good for the locals. No- it is not, it is a drain on our pockets and a sad comment on the honesty of the Congress and local governments/supervisors. Of course, Congress wants to be able to keep their jobs in Congress. Romney/Ryan are no better than they ought to be - lie like a rug as to what is best for our Country. But then that is what their kind want - sound good to the unknowing. I worked too many years for DOD. Romney may consider himself a good Christian - but does that title really make him a GOOD CITIZEN in the interests of all of us - sitting on the side looking for an HONEST MAN? harumph!
Win Rether October 11, 2012 at 09:55 PM
Actually National Defense spending,combined with $160B annual add on's for deployed forces with another $200B for VA and Homeland Security are causing us to write blank checks for revenue we don't have. It may seem temporarily good for Virginia, but it's bad for USA. We're going broke defending the world with too many Generals, Tanks, Armored Vehicles and Naval Vessels designed for the cold war.
Win Rether October 11, 2012 at 09:57 PM
One the C-17 aircraft. 10 per year have been added to the budget and the USAF hasn't requested one for the past five years.
splinter October 11, 2012 at 11:30 PM
I don't care who wins so long as 100% focused on fiscal sanity. The senate hasn't offered a budget in years. That guy from Nevado almost lost his re-election a few years ago. Too bad since remains a stain on the party. Either VA candidate would be a better Senate leader. VA should be proud to have produced these two regardless of what both sides say about the other. No matter who wins the White House or takes control of the senate, there will be very tough choices on spending and taxes.
Win Rether October 13, 2012 at 02:21 PM
Defense spending may provide some jobs for Virginians but it will not do much more than bloat an over bloated Pentagon. In Iraq and Afghanistan, U.S. forces often showed real guts and skill at the tactical level, but the heroism of soldiers and Marines notwithstanding, it should be remembered that they have fought enemies with no air force or navy and not much infantry equipment beyond home-built road mines, AK-47 rifles, and rocket-propelled grenades.


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