Kaine Pledges Bipartisan Work in Washington

New Virginia senator says first order of business is to work on good solutions to nation's debt.

Tim Kaine (D), Virginia's newly-elected U.S. Senator, says his first order of business will be to lobby for longterm solutions for the country's fiscal situation.

Kaine held a press conference in Richmond on Wednesday, one day after he defeated former Virginia governor and senator George Allen (R) in the general election. to Allen's 48 on Tuesday.

Kaine takes over the seat vacated by Sen. Jim Webb (D), who is retiring after one term. Webb defeated Allen in a similarly close Senate race in 2006.

“The key for us in public office is to read the message from the electorate,” Kaine told reporters.  “They want cooperative government. They are telling us over and over and over again they want us to work together.”

Kaine said he plans on working on this even before he is sworn in in January.

Kaine added that he hopes to continue Webb's work on military issues and sit on the Armed Services Committee. He said he plans to have a close working relationship with Virginia's senior Sen. Mark R. Warner (D).

To read more from the press conference, read this Richmond Times-Dispatch story.

Meanwhile, what does the future hold for Allen, who has lost two straight senatorial campaigns?  Allen lost his senate re-election bid in 2006 after fallout from his calling a staffer for Webb's campaign "macaca," considered a racial slur.

Allen said in an email to supporters  he will "continue to advocate the aspirations of families throughout Virginia."

That may or may not be in an elected capacity, experts say. The Washington Post talked to a few campaign-watchers about Allen's future. Read that story here.

See how Fredericksburg residents voted in the 2012 election here.

Raconteur November 10, 2012 at 02:57 PM
Same old horse crap from a same old politician. Kaine will be a yes-boy for Obama and a toady for Reid. We heard the same from Warner and Webb and got the screwed by both of them. They wouldn't know compromise if it bit them in the ass.
Cheryl Darby November 14, 2012 at 10:27 PM
I don't see anything from McDonnell and Cuccinelli but infringement of women's rights, refusal to implement the ACA, and suing UVA for research on global warming, which they apparently believe is a hoax. We need to turn back the takeover of this state by the Tea Party and return to sanity.
Holman Willis December 13, 2012 at 02:31 PM
For years, Virginia's governors have been seen as statesmen, certainly supporting their party's ideals, but, at least publicly, refraining from the partisan mud-slinging that we have seen from the candidates for office at both the state and federal levels. One governor of Virginia was even heard to say, when asked if he would run for president of the United States, "Why would I want to run for a lesser office?". Now we have Bob McDonnell on CNN after the Romney/Obama debate in which Obama mentioned that we have fewer horses and bayonets, saying that this was somehow an unconscionable slurr on our navy and sailors, and the CNN commentators of both political stripes basically saying "What???? How would anyone draw that conclusion?". And then, in an interview on WTOP, McDonnell was adamant that changing the way the gasoline tax is calculated so that it would produce more revenue was, in no way, a gasoline tax increase, to mention only a couple of his continuing efforts to slant and spin the issues of the day. I am extremely disappointed that a governor of our state has stooped to this level of partisan bickering, coming off as just another political hack, instead of being the statesman that has been the longtime tradition of that office. Holman Willis


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