Most Chantilly Voters Pick Romney

Few voting precincts in the Chantilly area reported wins for Ron Paul on Super Tuesday.

Most of the voters in the Sully District in Fairfax County and Dulles District in Loudoun County selected Mitt Romney to be the 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate.

Of the 29 voting precincts in the Sully District, only two, Centre Ridge and London Towne #1, received a majority of votes for Ron Paul. Votes in the London Town #2 precinct received an equal amount of votes.

The Washington Post reported that Walney Village in Chantilly has a pretty solid record of voting for winning presidents. This neighborhood votes in the Rocky Run precinct which selected Romney as the presidential candidate with 64.95 percent of the votes.

However, Mary and Hampton Hoge, a couple that lives on Stone Pine Court and votes in the Rocky Run precinct, are Republicans who both voted for Paul mainly to vote against Romney.  The Hoges said they aren't satisfied with any Republican candidate, but Paul represents more of their beliefs than Romney.

In seven precincts, Romney won by only a handful of votes. Green Trails and Brookfield precincts revealed only a 3-vote difference and Powell precinct had a very close race with just a 1-vote difference.

As for the 10 voting precincts in Loudoun County's Dulles District, only one, Carter, turned in a majority of votes for Paul. The Dulles South precinct reported a close race with Romney winning by only two votes.

The total votes reported for Fairfax and Loudoun counties are:

Fairfax County (97.9 percent reporting) (precincts not reporting have only absentee and provisional ballots) 5.35 percent turnout

Mitt Romney: 65.08 percent
Ron Paul: 34.91 percent

Loudoun County (100 percent reporting) 5.49 percent turnout

Mitt Romney: 62.36 percent
Ron Paul: 37.63 percent


For more detailed information about the primary results, visit the Virginia State Board of Elections website.

Mark Brown March 07, 2012 at 08:26 PM
Good article. It sums up the national sentiment pretty well. I wonder how the numbers would look if Santorum and Gingrich were on the ballot.


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