Sierra Club Names North-South Corridor Among ‘Worst’ Projects

The environmental group opposes the road it dubs the "Outer Beltway.”

The Sierra Club has released a new report that names Virginia’s proposed North-South Corridor among the 50 worst transportation projects in the United States. There’s a meeting Tuesday night in Ashburn about the proposed project, which the Sierra Club refers to as Northern Virginia’s “Outer Beltway.”

Sierra has urged the state “to move beyond oil,” because the North-South Corridor “will keep Virginia dependent on oil for our daily transportation needs,” according to a press release from the group.

Besides tonight’s meeting in Ashburn, there’s another meeting Wednesday in Manassas about the project.

State officials have touted the project as a way to improve access to Dulles International Airport, while the Sierra Club suggests its just the beginning of a full Outer Beltway, pointing to a study of traffic movements across the Potomac.

“Transportation infrastructure we build today will be with us for decades,” said Roger Diedrich, the Transportation Chair of the Club’s Virginia Chapter in a press release. “This project fails to give us the choices we need in the 21st century to keep us from driving deeper into oil dependence and climate disruption.”

In contrast, the club’s report points to the Dulles Corridor Metrorail Extension, or Silver Line, as an example of a beneficial project for the region and the environment.

“We should heavily invest our transportation dollars in this kind of forward thinking project,” said Diedrich.

The full Sierra Club report is available here:  http://content.sierraclub.org/beyondoil/content/smart-choices-less-traffic

Sally Spangler January 05, 2013 at 02:07 AM
Maybe I am dense - what does the Sierra Club have to do with road construction? I thought that the Sierra Clubs interests were in protecting wild life and keeping land open for them. Considering that a good part of the eastern half of this country is one huge MESS of roads, why do we need another major highway? Using oil to power our cars. With all the blather on that subject - would any new road, no matter where is is built be better for vehicular traffic? The various highway departments in the US aren't trying to save fuel - it is trying to shuttle auto and truck traffic from one place to another. Maybe what instead of building another highway - there should be a review of what is being saved and what is being destroyed in the desire for quick transit from one place to the other. Considering the idiots trying to make their quick transit a transit of cars moving at least at 70 mph if not a whole lot more. 80 seems the norm and squeezing out any car/driver who is in the space they want to be in. Makes for alot of terrible accidents and dead or extremely injured people in the collisions. Just don't forget to say your prayers before heading out to go somewhere - including going to the grocery.


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