Liberty Elementary Principals Serenade Students

South Riding's Liberty Elementary School principals sing and perform Justin Bieber's "Baby".

Principal Angela Gwynne-Atwater and Assistant Principals Paul Thiessen and Diane Insari performed Justin Bieber’s hit song “Baby” during an all-school assembly on Friday – and were rewarded with $1,000 from Giant Food.

Liberty Elementary School participated in the Giant Foods “A+ Principal Challenge.” Principals can earn at least $1,000 for their school by performing outlandish activities in front of their students. The creative proposal from the principals at Liberty Elementary was selected as one of the five winners this year. 

The principals sported plenty of “bling” and busted out in their best Bieber-like dance moves. Mrs. Gwynne-Atwater sang Justin Bieber’s part (along with Bieber’s recorded version playing in the back ground) and Mr. Thiessen jumped in mid-song to perform the part usually reserved for rapper Ludacris.

The idea for this interpretation of the popular song came from Liberty parent Rebekah Cox, who backed up her idea with costumes and moral support for the principals before the assembly.

The kids were singing along and cheering. The teachers were swaying back and forth and waving hand-made signs like true “JB” fans at a concert!  The crowd was thoroughly entertained as they sang, "Baby, baby, baby, OHHH. Like baby, baby, baby, NOOO. Like baby, baby, baby OHHH!"

Are there more pop-star performances for Liberty’s Principals in the future? Never say never! 

For more information on Giant Food’s A+ Principal Challenge, pease visit giantfood.com/aplus?opco=GNTL


Correction: A previous version of this article contained a misspelling of Rebekah Cox's name.  The error has been fixed.


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