Anna Mari Green
My bio starts like many in this area, wife, chauffeur, medic, counselor, photographer, Mom. A transplant from Pennsylvania by way of Ohio, I have lived in Virginia for nearly 14 years. It has been an adventure here in the Chantilly area watching it grow up from open areas to thriving communities. I have had a camera of one kind or another since I was a kid. The summer I was 16, I asked for a camera of my own, a real camera, an SLR. My Dad gave me his Canon AE-1, a roll of slide film and told me to take some pictures. I ran that roll of film through the camera and my Dad developed it, keeping the pictures. But he liked what he saw and got me my first camera, a Canon T-70. Many rolls of slide film and stops on pawn shops later I had 3 camera bodies, 4 lenses, filters and flash. I loved it.  Along came the digital age and I held out--for a long time. Three hears ago, my husband decided it was time and got me my first dSLR and I was a 'real' photographer again. I enjoy shooting candids, nature, my family. As a hometown tourist, I am building a library of local attractions photographed from my perspective and finding new things to photograph in my backyard.
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